22 Januari 2014


It's been a while since I write something related to fashion, so here it is.. One of the latest trend that I have been loving is everything Jeans. No reasons not to love them, since they're ultra comfy and easy, they can be sexy and cool, they go with everything, in shorter words.. they're fab! Jeans are identical to a warmer season, though I think they are pretty wearable all year round (Especially since I live in a tropical country, so yes).

Mary Jean

Mary Jean by reginagab featuring a blue vest

1. Jean Vest
Perfect thing to add the soft-grundge touch to your look. Also if you want to look pretty without being too sweet, this stuff is the perfect style-saver cause it adds that boyish look. I personally prefer thicker, light-washed vest. I think thinner material on jean vest can sometimes look tacky.

2. Jean Jacket
Especially the bomber style! I love how this thing can make us look effortlessly cool in every situation. Put this and a sunnies, and there you go.

3. Cropped Dark Skinny Jeans
This is perfect for a laid-back look, especially if you're bored with the long skinny jeans look. If you don't have any, roll your jeans up! Dark is perfect for a clean, basic look. It goes with everything. But if you're a lighter washed kind of girl, rolled-boyfriend-jeans is a great alternative.

4. Jean Overall
I have been all over overalls lately! I think they're cute and playful. I think they're interesting.

5. High-waisted Jeans
Mom's Jeans, Tight Skinny High-Waisted, Baggy ones. Whatever the style, I'm in love with them. They look super stylish, so easy to dress. 

Wear Them With:

wear jeans with..

Dressing Down is easy when it comes to jeans. Use any kind of easy t-shirt to look laid back, paired with any comfortable shoe-choices like sneakers, flats, oxford, anything! Slouchy bags are a perfect friend along with some of your favorite accessories.

On the other hand, Dressing Up can be a bit tricky. But doesn't mean it requires more effort. Go for a darker shade of jeans to look dressy, or paired it with simple, dark or clean items. Like a black bralette, sparkly dress, heels (of course) and dressy clutch. Another great tip, add some dark coloured lip to look glam.

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