7 November 2013

Inspirasi - Angela Judiyanto

Pictures taken randomly from google and Dia.Lo.Gue's blog

I've been crazily obsessed with this artist named Angela Judiyanto. I discovered her some years ago but I recently fell in love all over again cause she's holding another recent exhibition on this time of the year. Her fascinating works and art pieces, designs, illustrations and paintings, all of them! I can't seem to point out why but I have this indescribable sense of feeling each time I look at them. Some sorta itchy, some bitter-sweet, some simply fascinating and heartbreaking. 

These are one of my favorite pieces ever. They're featured some time ago in Dia.Lo.Gue artspace, Kemang. I find them very inspiring. I guess some people are simply genius or just pure talented. 

behind the scene footage by Dia.Lo.Gue;

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