11 November 2013

Brightspot 10.

This year I got a chance to visit another edition of the famous Brightspot Market. I am not one of those people that follow trends and go crazy at events like these, but what interests me more is to see the emerging local brands, street styles, cool concept and design, beautiful stand installations--all those goody-goods. I did come to some previous Brightspot Markets before, but this time I actually come by to help out! It was different and exciting.

This year is not that much different though, I reckon there are more brands featured since the last time i went last year, and also much much more crowded! I figured if you want to have more comfort on shopping (or walking!), better come on Sundays. Brightspot usually held on weekends and last Sunday was much less crowded than the day before which is the Saturday, when I was bounced by the sea of people all the time. Here are some of the pictures I took on Saturday (9/11);

This time they also got more choices of munchies. I didn't get anything because I felt a little human-phobic with the crazy crowd and all.

So there's how it looked like! Although on real life, the situation and the crowd are much more brutal. Anyway, always happy to see the young local businesses growing. I hope everyone is doing good.

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