15 September 2013

Walk With Me?

It is pointless to flaunt yourself to the world 
when in fact the world does not have a need to see you.

One of the thing that I've learned so much this past month is to be concerned about character instead of reputation. In life, there aren't going to be people giving you awards or trophies, shout your name, glorify or flatter you each time you achieve or finish something in life. If there is, they're going to soon forget it anyway, so it doesn't really matter. Even sometimes, people aren't going to notice or give any reactions that you expected when you actually do something extraordinary. 

For me, what really matter is the fact that the moment you face a difficulty you try to overcome it. What matter is the fact that you do something good for others, sincerely. It will do yourself good. It will build you. Do not pay too much attention on how you appear, instead build a good character by challenging yourself to do well in whatever you do. 

Be something the world needs.

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