25 September 2013

The Ultimate Life Question!

I should be quick on this one because I went running this afternoon and haven't showered. I feel gross and I smell gross and I'm actually sitting on my bed.

I also don't want you to think that this is going to be some random grumble or me complaining about life (though it sorta is). I wanted to make a post that does any good to others too, hence I want to tell you what I am feeling so you can see if you feel this too. Therefore we can solve this together. (Im up for discussion and random talk, seriously. Email me! Contact me in any way! Share me your thoughts!)

I have been feeling very discontent lately, and I have came up upon a conclusion that I feel: Useless.
Useless in terms of; no contribution to the society. Ok, apart from doing something huge or influential in nation or world scale--which clearly takes a lot of work and time... I even don't have any role to make things better or make people happier in everyday life. I just live my mediocre life, got bored and do absolutely nothing. I get pissed at someone and walk away. That's what I have been doing. Is this what you've been doing too? But then I read something in the internet that sorta inspire me to wake up and find a way.

I guess this can end up being a pointless post, but it can also be a start. Maybe all of us need to stop demanding, and start contributing. Find a way to be useful to people around us, or maybe even in a bigger scale. Ask ourselves everyday: 

what can we do for others?

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