19 September 2013


Jatinangor might not have the coolest hang out places, but this little place located in the sidewalk of Jatinangor street isn't so bad. Soesi (Soesoe Seksi) is a milk stall/bar that sells the regular various flavored milk. The one thing that differentiates Soesi from a lot of other milk stall in Bandung, is that this one has a creative, fun, rather-controversial concept.

Indonesians might get the joke easily; the word ''Soesoe'' (Indonesian old spelling of Susu) that refers to ''milk'' and (err, sorry..) ''boobs''. As you can see, the milk flavors on the menu are cited by Bra size! I thought it was quite witty. The best thing is, besides their regular flavored milk menu, they also have something called Djanda Moeda. This one contains ice cream on your milk. Yum. My favorite flavor has got to be melon & lychee flavor.

The place is very small, nothing to grand or anything. But one thing that I feel every time I sit on a place like this is.. The best feeling of enjoying good, cheap food/beverages in the humblest way :)

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