7 September 2013

A Package From Japan!

Just realized I've been absent for a while on updating! I just had a lot of stuff went on for this past summer break. I had a lot of friends home for the summer, and also faced some new exciting challenges. They took me a lot of hard work, but it was a good as well as an interesting experience. But hey, the new term is starting! I still have some work to do here and there but I get more than enough free time before another big things come. I've been filling free times reading a lot of books and watching some movies. 

Anyway earlier tonight, I got really excited cause I received a package from a friend of mine. He studies in Japan and he's home this month. I was really upset because we won't be able to see each other caused by our clashed schedule but he did sent me one thing he promised to get me!

yay package arrival!

I was so excited to receive these guys. I am a huge banana fan. That is why Tokyo Banana is my ultimate all time craving. The thing is, I'm obsessed with them. yet sadly they only have stores in Japan. Tokyo Banana sells almost all yummy-banana-tasting comfort food you can think of. From soft and moist to crunchy kind, you name it.

This particular kind is the classic Tokyo Banana with Caramel Custard Cream inside. Tastes like heaven (I am not even exaggerating) (Ok, maybe a tiny bit). And by this, my friends, my night has been made!

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