22 Juni 2013

Lawangwangi Science & Art Space.

One of the great things about working on a culinary tabloid as a final-project is going through places, trying out great food and actually doing your assignments at the same time. It's like visiting two islands in one row (I had no idea why I chose to translate an Indonesian proverb to english and now it feels kind of wrong, but anyway) I have been hearing people buzzing around about this particular place, and I finally got a chance to go there because the team and I decided to cover it for one of our articles. Lawangwangi Science & Art Space might not necessarily be the best place to enjoy the most marvelous cuisine in town, but it's definitely my kind of place.

The whole place is spacey and very nice. The day I visited, they were featuring the works of the #03 Bandung Contemporary Art Awards. I bought the catalog. Reading stories or meanings behind pieces of art are always interesting.

Those are just some of my favorite pieces, there are still some more other good ones you can observe yourself if you decided to go. Lawangwangi, was originally just a Science and Art Space until the owner decided to add a little place to sit around and hang in the upstairs area and of course you would agree that those things, without some choices of great meal and drinks, would lack. 

But if I go, I would rather enjoy myself with one of their drink selections. It has the best atmosphere to sip your coffee/tea cup. Best to bring a great friend to have a light chat, or maybe a book if you're feeling a bit out of this world.

The view is not to shabby, yes? If you're lucky you might even get the prettiest sunset.

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