2 Juni 2013


Swinged by a friend's event this weekend, called Heronimal. The event was held in the parking area of Padjajaran Univerisity, Bandung. This event was basically an event for the dog lovers; provided some heartbreakingly cute puppies to play with and even better, to adopt (free!), vaccine service, some snacks, and people with the same interest. 

Little chow - chow named Max.. so fat... and cuddly.. and confused wether he's a puppy or a bear :(

The puppies belongs to Animal Defenders, I didn't get very much info about them but I'm guessing they're some sort of organization that helps & defends animal's right. My friend told us that you can check them out on facebook if you want to help some animals, or adopt them. They have super cute dogs and cats. But the thing is, you have to be really serious about adopting a puppy because they look super protective over these little guys. I get it though, Animal Defenders would not want to give away their animals to some people who's going to end up killing one.

I had so much fun with the puppies. The only weird thing about this event was they only focused on dogs instead of other animals. But anyway, I have always wanted a puppy but my mother doesn't really like puppies and she was kinda right about me being careless. I don't want to end up killing them for my carelessness. Maybe someday.

2 komentar:

  1. Thanks for the review. :D

    But for the last paragraph, Animal Defenders does not only cares about dogs, but also cats, and other wild animal (such as sloth, turtle, snake, and even tiger that sold illegally)

    The reason they couldn't brought cats was because the animals are from Jakarta and three hours travel will made them stressful and even make them dead.

    Once again, thanks for the review.

    1. oh I see. I really like what you guys are doing! Keep up the great work :) and oh please say hi for the ultra cute dogs and other animals for me. xx