5 Juni 2013


The Sun, moon, grass, clouds, water, smoke, volcanic ash, lava that solidifies and turns into precious stones, moss that grows over stones in the river, coral reefs, planktons that appears like glitters in the sea, weird creatures, weird creatures that is mythical, millions of stars, planets, asteroid dust, andromeda and other galaxies. That and more things that exist and are created in this world, are not created for me. 
Before I knew whatever this is I'm feeling, those objects or elements of the earth that (may seem small but) are big, scary, mysterious yet beautiful & sublime were such important matters to me. But now what appears to be more important whether is it possible if you, are created for me.  
Is it possible that in one evening in the future "you and I" could happen. 
I think of that possibility very often. Gaps between seconds of my hours provide thousands empty spaces and lots of time for me to digest, to try reading the clues of world. I wish you, would send another message to me. One of those interesting first line that comes out of nowhere that you always  seemed to find.
I see I don't even exist in your past, your present, nor your future. Like a parable of your favorite painting of mountains and valleys. I would be drawn only as one of the grass that grows on the slopes of the valley. While you've got that mountain tops that you love, drawn in the middle of the painting as the main object. 
I am just this girl who is very young, I do not understand this and that. You are raconteur. A storyteller who is mature, smart and knows lots of things I do not know and matters I have not yet to understand. 
But very well, then. As much as I want to, I only have the power to hope that once upon the tenuous gaps of seconds in my lifetime I could meet someone like you, the one that my heart desires, who will see me as his favorite mountain peak of his favorite paintings displayed in his bedroom wall.

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