13 Juni 2013

Buku Berjalan, The Documentary Clip!

A Documentary film produced and made by me and some friends.

Ketika Buku Menghampiri Pembaca
Directed by Radhitama Rasyid

Ketika Buku Menghampiri Pembaca from radhitama rasyiid on Vimeo.

For those of you who missed my post, I wrote in one of my post that I was working on a documentary film for my Communication Management class. We were told to make a media content and I instantly had an idea to make a documentary film about Buku Berjalan. Well, here it is! The film is finally done. It's not perfect, I noticed that there are flaws here and there. But I must say that I am quite proud of it as this is my very first documentary clip / movie I have ever produced in my whole life. 

Producing this was fun. Big thank you to Dayinta Sekar Pinastika for giving me the access and privilege to shoot the organization, as well as everyone from Buku Berjalan. I wish you guys the very best. And also, thank you for the guys of my team, especially the director and editor and basically the man behind everything in this video: Radhitama. Haha, sorry we put you through so much. 

Anyways, the after-production requires feedback from the viewers, so please check out the video, click the heart button and simply tell me what you think through commenting the video on vimeo, on this post, message me on facebook, email me to regina.gabriela@hotmail.com or any way that you like and also, don't forget to put your identity. It'll mean so much to us. Thanks everyone, hope you enjoy this movie!


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