5 Juni 2013

A Flash of Reality

One day I took a picture of one of the nicest working space I have seen;

My Grandma called me one day. "Hows school?" said the lady, "Uhm, great" I told her.
"Hey listen, your uncle from Samarinda came the other day, you remember uncle (mentioned a name that I cant remember)?"; "Who?"; "(mentioned a name that I cant remember)"; "Oh.." I said just to get to the point quicker, "What's with him?" I added.

"I asked him if its good if you start working while studying in the university, and if the company he's in has a space for you but he told me that you better concentrate on your studies for now and he promised to save you up a nice space in (mentioned a name of a famous, huge local gas company). How's that, huh?" She explains. "Yeah cool," I said. She said a few more lines before we ended our brief phone call.

After that I just sit and thought to myself; man, real jobs looks crazy. There are stories about how bad companies treated fresh-graduates or any other employees with lower positions. Working for people is scary. I don't want to be one of those spoiled, spoon-fed, idealistic kid who think she knows best but honestly, I don't want to work like that. I want to make money with something I like, or love if possible. I want to sit in a nice working space, treat and be treated kindly.

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  1. I think your biggest concern should be what kind of goal you want to achieve thru your career, not jobs.

    My biggest dilemma in life is predominantly related to this matter, I guess. As youth most of us would also conceive the idea of idealism, showing our guts in fighting the system in order for equality to gain its victory. At the same time we also think that working for huge (evil) companies is worthless; it's no more than creating profit from society dominated by over-consumerism.

    On the other hand it's such non-sense to talk about equality or social welfare or whatever leftists usually call; they're all just a bunch of utopia, haunting those fighting thru grassroots organizations etc. And yeah.. why don't just work for money? Then be happy, travel, have a supportive spouse, have critical kids, and just.. be great.

    I'd really love to have this kind of discussion!!!!!

    1. oh my friend, we have got so much we wanted to talk about.

      firstly, i have thought about the whole career thing, of course.
      1. but still, when parents talk about this and that about your future there is some sort of inevitable pressure.
      2. i honestly feel that i am to young to know things and that sort of hampers me to determine my long term goals especially goals. i.e people tell you dont search for jobs, make jobs. but then people tell you dont be ridiculous its too risky, go work for a company and be boring, at least its less risky and the income is consistent.
      3. what the hell right

      when r u coming back? btw youre the first person to comment my blog since a very long time so thanks i was excited to reply this HOHO

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  3. *especially job/career goals