11 Mei 2013

We Are Not What You Think We Are! Review: MIKA Live in Jakarta

I was not feeling that excited to see MIKA at first. The only reason I was going is because I promised my aunt to accompany my cousin cause there's no way she's going alone, and I am not really a type of person who goes to see a live performance if I am not that big of a fan. Also, a band that I kind of like-- Sigur Ros was playing on the same day and I kind of wanted to see them but you know, a promise is a promise!

Fortunately, It turns out that this show was the most fun I had in quite a while.

The show was held at Skenoo Hall, Gandaria City on Friday (10/5). Mika is an outstanding singer, no doubt. His voice goes low and then very high and it was effortless, and flawless. I stood beside the bass amp so I could actually feel the beat. The show started with the song Relax, Take It Easy

I was only able to recognised some of his tracks from his second album that I actually used to religiously listen to in 8th grade titled Life of Cartoon Motion. Surprisingly he sang quite some of them, such as Billy Brown, Love Today, Grace Kelly, Big Girls (You Are Beautiful) and even sang Love Today as the closing number. Beside that, he also performed his hit songs from the other albums, such as We Are Golden, Underwater, Emily, etc. They're such happy songs I couldn't help but to dance.

Mika, himself was quite energetic, funny and dancey. He played the piano, danced on top of the piano, jumped here and there, threw jokes and stuff. The fact that he wore a suit and a hat, makes him looked like he was a magician. His band were also quite charming I must say, the guys wore bow ties and the woman behind the percussion was awesome. They also featured some kids (in uh... polkadot robe) as background singers, they're adorable though. One of the lovely moment I had was when he sang Underwater, asked us to close our eyes and imagined that we were the last person on earth and sing along as loud as we can. That was fun. 

The crowd was quite great this time, a lot of people are dancing and singing along, so much positive vibe. So yeah, really glad I came to see the show! :)

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