2 Mei 2013

Upcoming Project: Food Galore!

          I am currently working on a very exciting project for my Introduction of Journalism class; a tabloid project! I've always wanted to try to make one since forever, so I am thrilled about this project. My team and I decided to create a culinary magazine that we named Food Galore. Anyway, I'm the one who's going to do pretty much all the designing work. 

Last night, or...very early morning I should say, I finished the rough design examples for some of our main tabloid content--- meaning all these design are just examples with pictures and articles taken from random places. All I had to do is put them together like I would do to the real one we're going to make later.

Anyways, we were told to search some magazines or other tabloids design references and I instantly thought of Frankie Magazine design and then instantly decided to use it as reference. Something cute and simple and delicious looking.

Frankie Magazine Layout (Source: Google)

Here's the cover and article design examples that I did; 

P.s I sort of used some fashion articles as sample design so please, just ignore them.

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