1 Mei 2013


All my life, I have only had one place I go to school to. I went to a catholic, all-girls, very conservative, famous for its credibility to produce discipline, smart and independent young women both in junior high school and also high school. 

I spent my entire childhood in this place. It was an over 300 years old building, built by The Dutch. I think that's why the interior is very interesting. It is so old, yet looks very strong. I like the place, otherwise I probably will kill myself. 

My aunt used to go to this school. She told me this place has one of those creepy looking tunnels like the one we saw on the movie; Sound of Music. With the dark monastery and cemetery and everything. I think it's cool!

My relationship with this place is bittersweet. There are times when I really hated it there, everyone is crazy competitive it was kind of hard to keep up. But there are many, many times there that I cherish. The girls I had as my friends were great girls, so different from most other girls I know. This place  played such a huge part in why I became who I am now. I will be forever thankful.

Now I can only find myself missing it. It has been a part of me for so long, life feels so different now. 

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