20 Mei 2013

Houses and Streets

Pictures of Houses and Streets around Ciumbuleuit, Bandung I took last week. It was around twelve  in the afternoon, the sun was perfect and the weather was lovely. I loved the streets there, so calm and quiet and somehow comforting. The houses look aged and really big, the huge trees covering the streets with their shadow. Their thick branches and leaves dancing along the rhythm of the winds as if they're telling me; We're happy today, miss! And you should be too! 

The scenes somehow looks how I imagine streets in Indo in the past times. Similiar to old town that I found back home, around streets like Menteng and other areas. That's the great thing about Bandung, I can find these lovely scene in almost every corner of this beautiful town.

I didn't re-edit these pictures before I published them here, just letting you truly see and be sure that it was a really, really beautiful day that day. :)

I love wandering around. :)

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