11 Mei 2013

Doodling Kits

Spending the whole Saturday being unproductive; reading magazines and some novels, sipping teas, playing the guitar, youtube, xbox and sketching. It feels heavenly! I was such in a mood for sketching today and decided to blog my recent favourite pieces of drawing tools.

I have been using a lot of MUJI black marker and KOI Coloring Brush Pen lately. This KOI pen is absolutely great on sketchbook papers (I usually use 160gsm drawing paper). It looks one of those pens that is used to write Chinese or Japanese writings, because the tip is all pointy and lovely! While the MUJI marker is my all time basic favourite. Though, I got to admit that it was mainly because of the rectangular pen design.

I have always loved SHARPIES. I used them all the time because these guys are simply great for almost everything; doodling, colouring, highlighting and making notes. But my COPIC Sketch pens are strictly used for drawing only. I am absolutely in love with these pens. They come with two kinds of tips, the one that looks like a highlighter pens and the other one looks like the KOI pen which is pointy.

The thing about COPIC pens is their colour appears very soft and somehow looks like water colour paint on paper. It is so delightful. The only downside is, they're friggin expensive.

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