1 Mei 2013

Design: Aawwh... Able & Game

I am so jealous of Anna Blandford and Gareth Meney, two lovebirds from Melbourne behind Able and Game. Anna is the illustrator and Gareth works on the technical side. Imagine you get to doodle all day and get paid for it. I mean really, these cards are like $6 USD each.

The card's occasion vary from the ones for your parents, your lover, congratulations, birthdays, engagement and stuff. I immediately fell in love with their design: some really smart lines and super duper cute illustrations. Most of them are really witty and funny, some are very sweet in a weird way, some sarcastic but you can't help not to laugh at it.

In case any of you are dying to get them, you can get them from their Able and Game website or sites like Etsy. Or you can check their shockits located in their web to see if they're available in bookstores near you.

Anyway, if I really should pick one, I'd love if someone I like put this one in front of my door;

Hahahaha.. <3 p="">

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