22 Mei 2013

Book Review: Hear The Wind Sing

Finally, my very first ever Haruki Murakami's book! Hear The Wind Sing is actually also his very first book ever published. The book tells us about some unknown guy, and his meetings with a friend known as The Rat in a Bar called J's, his three previous girlfriends he had and his meetings with this particular girl. That's all I think. It's a really thin, short, really simple book.

I don't really have anything much to say about this book. At first, I really enjoy the first pages where this guy just kind of tells us his thoughts about writing. I sensed a lot of similarities of what he feels with what i feel on writing. So it was really interesting to me personally. But then, he started to begin these separated stories about his meetings and his previous relationship. 

Reading this book is like having a friend that tells you his experiences, or maybe like being an invisible third person in a casual conversations of strangers. Some of the informations are interesting, while some.. I feel like I don't really need to know. In the end, the story just kind of goes nowhere. Like most of people's life, it goes you know... like that. Just some simplicity and casualty.

I don't love this book that much, but I'm still curious of and definitely will be reading many more of another Murakami's books and writings though. This is his first book after all, and mine too. Let's just say I'm still groping towards his writing style and characterizations. 

Moreover, If everybody loves him so much, I just have to read it with my own eyes. A lot of people keep on stating about how great he is as a writer and I have wanting to start reading his works for quite a while. But I seemed to always put a more familiar writer's books above his books on my reading list. 


Anyway.. a brief interruption, I have a pretty interesting story to share. This story has to do with why I finally got a chance to start reading Murakami's books. A while ago, I received an unexpected mail with the subject; books from nowhere, from seemed-to-be my blog reader. The name is Orez Olenka and he sent me 4 e-books and a note that says:

Hi there,

I read your blog and I like the way you put your thoughts of books you read. Just keep reading and keep sharing! :)**

*open these files with app like aldiko or any epub app on your phone so that you can read them all anywhere and anytime.
*I like your Bon Iver cover anyway ;)

I thought it was really nice and it literally made my day. I used to emailed lots of my favorite blogger and it's kinda nice to know "someone" actually read my blog. He sent me two Murakami books and the other two are written by J.D. Salinger and George Orwell (which is mentioned is one of Murakami's books called After Dark, which Im currently reading right now). Anyway,t I reckon the words 'Orez' and 'Olenka' have something to do with an Indonesian writer named Budi Dharma. Just out of my curiosity. I dont know, I just can't get over who sent me these lovely books. Whoever you are, if you're reading this. Thanks, really. And reveal yourself. Haha.

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