26 April 2013

Pick Nick

Quite a week, this week. But finally all the work is done and it feels quite liberating. I was going to go home but I didn't because of some reasons. I really miss home. I miss the food. And I miss my mother, quite surprisingly, to be honest. But anyway I didn't want to just sit in gloom, me and my friends decided to do something to charge our tired mind. Restore our sanity.

We needed something green. So we decided to hang on our campus' Arboretum. The place has a really pretty scenery; mountains, trees, a lake. We had music, drank some coffee, ate some snacks, and threw silly jokes. I thanked God I had such good friends.

Anyway, we sat for two hours. I listened to Ben Howard and read The Prophet. I had a really nice time and I felt better. :)

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