11 April 2013

Living The Okay Life

 I had the weirdest feeling yesterday.

I felt i'm in a stage of life where it is not miserable, but it's definitely not a good stage as well. Kayak, apapun yang lo lakukan gaenak, tapi lo ga pengen apa apa. My life is quite uneventful lately, it's kinda sad. I had some minor projects and some future project on planning as well, but its not exciting. Dulu gue selalu bawa kamera kemana - mana, dan menemukan tempat - tempat atau event - event menarik gitu. Now it seems like I have stopped doing that, I even left my camera back home---what. I just want to experience something different, I guess.

Or maybe it's because I'm occupied but not with the pressure I used to had. Maybe I actually miss it. Question mark.

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