20 April 2013

Favorite Directior: Quentin Tarantino

I am obsessed with Quentin Tarantino. Frankly speaking, I began to noticed his talent since I saw Inglorious Basterds. Now, I reckon he had made some previous movies like Death Proof and Kill Bill but Inglorious Basterds is simply my favorite. I also saw his latest movie; Django Unchained and it was brilliant. 

I found a post on a website regarding one of my absolute favorite scene of Inglorious Basterds. This is pure genius;
"This scene in Inglorious Basterds, This particular part, was so brilliantly written. The characters are playing a game where you sit in a circle and write a famous person's name on a card, flip it over, pass the card to the person next to you and stick it to your head without looking

Then you ask everyone questions to figure out who it is.

This man-- A nazi commander, asked "Am I American?" (No but..) "Have I visited America?" (yes) "was my first visit fruitious?" (no) "did i go against my will?" (yes) "am i from a place that you'd call exotic?" (yes) "am i from the jungle?" (yes) "did i go by boat?" (yes) "and when i got there was i bound with chains and presented in front of a crowd?" (yes!) "well then, i know who i am. an american slave. no? oh then i'm king kong"--- and in one instance the viewer realizes the metaphor which KING KONG was to the african slave trade ( a truly tarantino way of inserting social awareness through dialogue spoken by social oppressors) as well as takes a moment of almost comic relief to a very strange middle ground since we see how intelligent and foolproof this man is. This is good filmmaking."


The reason why I love his work so much is that there are so much special characteristics added to his movies. His movies are always so... Tarantino! Dark and sadistic, yet so witty and humorous. The plots are always so twisted and unexpected, the dialogues are intellectually written, and the scenes are extraordinary. Every character has a role, not just a part or unreasonable appearance. I am in love. 

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