24 Maret 2013

Event: Kampoeng Jazz

Kampoeng Jazz is the 5th Annual International Music Festival held by the The Law Faculty of Padjajaran University. It was on March 23rd 2013. I got there very late so I was only able to see two acts. First was Sondre Lerche. I started to listen to his music in 2010 i think, and before this event I had seen his live act once on the Java Jazz Festival. I liked his Java Jazz performance better. I just don't think a one man show suits such huge outdoor venue area.

And besides, the crowd barely know any of his songs. Nobody danced. It was just totally awkward.

But the night got better when Trio Lestari got on stage. Trio Lestari is a collaborations of three amazing musicians; Tompi, Sandhy Sondoro and Glenn Fredly. The performance was so rich, the audiences' excitement is very nice. I love it, total highlight of the night.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed with the show judging by the relatively high price I paid for the tickets. Plus, the ticket I got from a friend turned out has been used. Thank God my friend had a spare so I could her ticket to get in..

By the way, here's a pic of me and my entourage. Haha. Left my DSLR/Pocket Cam home, so All photo credits goes to Andri Cahyaningtyas.


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