26 April 2013

Event; Festival Musik Fikom 2013: British Invasion

Festival Musik Fikom is a yearly event held by Komunitas Musik Fikom. This year I took part to work on this event. The theme this year is British Invasion and the event was held on April 25th. We had 20 bands to compete on stage with at least 1 british-music-cover. I worked backstage and it was quite fun, actually!

These three are the judges! They're really nice and they're actually friends. Anyhoo, I saw some really good acts. First is Lamebrain, a band that actually won the band competition. This band is so awesome, I found myself fan-girling backstage. Turned out they kinda famous already. We had no idea! (Though some of us had a feeling when they read their band CV)

Next is The Schuberts cause they cover Arctic Monkeys and I am an Arctic Monkeys fan, and Bitelan which is The Beatles tribute band. Our main guest star was 70s Orgasm Club and Deugalih & Folks. Both got me dancing and having a good time last night. So much love and fun tunes!

The people I worked with are great. The thing I like about Bandung music scene is that everyone kinda knows everyone and that everyone is always nice to everyone. 

It's really interesting to find out that a lot of people are very talented. Makes me feel small sometimes!

I was glad the show went well. We had storms, wet sound system, crazy men running around. I wore wet clothes and wet shoes all night long. But as always, everything worked out in the end and it felt nice to get it done.

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