20 Maret 2013

Event: Qualitea Time

Last month I (finally) went to a music event which was Qualitea-Time! But before, a little disclaimer.. I wanted to post this one as soon as I got home, but turned out I was occupied with some tasks I had to finish which left me feeling so worn-out at the end of the day. So, I know this is a bit outdated but still think I should do a post on this one.

This event was held last month by Komunitas Musik Fikom Universitas Padjajaran, and I decided that it is definitely one of my favorite shows that I have been to, and it is because of some good reasons. First, has got to be the crazy-gorgeous venue. I was raptured with the lovely view of the stage backdrop: the trees, the lake and the mountain, love and love!

Picture credit: taken from https://twitter.com/_eginugraha_/status/307078045532041216/photo/1

Reason number two, is the fact that it was a small, intimate music event which I am a big sucker  for. These kinds of show allow the audience to interact better with the performers and I think this is the best way for artists to deliver. The artist line-up was quite lovely and well put-together (well, cause most of them suit my taste, that is! he he). This leads me to the next reason, which is the live music. Some of my favorite sets that night was; Funny Little Dream, Titotessa, Mr. Sonjaya--which was so very charming, and A.F.F.E.N. Awestruck.

Here's a video of A.F.F.E.N shot by my friend Kuya. Sie haben mich ein wenig besessen!

I thought the show was quite a hit yet I felt like it could have been bigger if we had more people coming. Though I think we had an enough numbers of crowd anyway, which was alright--but still, we could've gotten much more. But gosshhhh, screw the could've-should've's! Overall, it was a night well spent. Had some of my closest friend with me, simply joyous. 

The fact that I hadn't been to any gigs for a while kinda reminded me how much I used to really enjoy live shows. So looking forward to see some more in the future! Oh, i forgot to mention. I also had a part in the event by helping my friend Alvin Baskoro with his project as backing vocals, we played 2 songs and it was fun. In case you want to check it out, its up on my sound cloud with the tag: Alvin&Friends.

Have a nice day! xo

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