22 Maret 2013


It's time to put aside those shoes cause it looks like these little guys are about to start taking over. I have been seeing tons of looks paired with sandals lately, and started to get a little obsessed with them.

Sandals are obviously casual footwear's, but seemed like these days the trend of much edgier and semi-formal looking sandals has started.


Black vs Brown 

Brown Leather Sandals

I recommend to choose neutral color sandals for that the more clean cut, simpler, edgier-- the better! Leather and shiny plastic material are my most favorite look. They are super duper comfortable and laid back.
what we can wear sandals with :)

Sandals looks awesome with high waisted. So do pair them with high waisted jeans, jeggings, maxi skirts, etc. If you want to look effortlessly chic, do wear lots of black and neutral color and you can also play with different shades. But they also work with crazier trends such as color and pattern blocks!

Another tip is to wear a big chunky gold accessories to add a bit of a classic, million dollar look to your laid back and edgy outfit. 

Better start hunt some and have fun!

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