27 Maret 2013

Design: Soundcloud Covers & Jams Artwork

These are the design I made for my SoundCloud page. I originally wanted to make much simpler design with monochrome palette, but pastel colors always had my eyes so I decided to make them cheesy and sweet.

 The first one is the artwork I use for all my songs covers, I used a dusty pale blue and combined it with a fun and flirty coral color. The little pink heart in the middle is perfect for the image i was trying to portray: the bittersweet love songs I always seem to cover. Beautiful yet so sad.

The next one is a bit more fun---Because obviously I seem to always have more upbeat songs (wether its a cover or original) whenever I had a jam session with the friends.

I was kinda surprised with how much I enjoy bright color and cheesy design these days.

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