1 November 2012

Night Observer

I finally went to Bossca Observatory! This is truly the most exciting thing that happened to me the past week. My friend, Janette Suherli is now an astronomer who works there and invited us to the public night.
Astronomy and all things about the universe has always been very interesting to me. So beautiful and mysterious. It amazed me that this building looks like one of those crazy old professors' working dome. The fact that it's so old and look oddly sophisticated. They have four telescopes, 3 smaller ones and the biggest one is located in that beautiful looking dome. 

These are the biggest telescope they have and the smaller one down below:

Too bad i didn't get to see a lot of stars. The pollution is so annoying and the moon shines so bright that it blocks other stars though I did get a good look on the beautiful moon.

photo credits: olivia listyani

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