21 Oktober 2012

Getting Comfy


I've been here a while and I started to find comfort in this small town. I didn't think I would but I was able to finally realized that this is where I must be, and I'm grateful for it. I made a bunch of new friends, I have exciting projects ahead of me, I'm willing to explore and I feel like I want to be young and do things, stupid things even. Though by stupid things that means tolerable-stupid things. I know I have to be something big, but I still couldn't figure out how big, or what it actually is. But you know what? I feel fine. I don't feel like I want anything more because I feel okay and it is enough. And that is something I am truly grateful for.

But then I realized all this can't be enough. I know I have to move towards and find myself. I have to get back to my passion. And get serious once in a while. Let's crawl out of this comfort zone and be a good kid!


don't leave me okay? I'll be needing You a lot. And I am ready now.

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