1 September 2012

Meet Kyouryuu

Kyouryuu is the word 'Dinosaur' in Japanesse. It's written in Kanji as 恐竜. I found him in one of those kid's creativity section in Gramedia Bookstore. He is more or less 25 cm tall and made out of woods. Although he is a T-rex, the most famous flesh-eating Dino but he is surprisingly very nice and quiet.
I had so much fun putting him together because it felt like I was an archeologist putting together some fossil pieces. The pack comes with small pieces made from woods we had to take out like these. It wasn't that hard to put together tho, we just simply read the instructions and matches the number on each pieces.

This prehistorical series of woodcraft construction kit comes with some variety of dino's. The price of this thing is surprisingly cheap! This is the closer look of Kyouryuu:

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