23 Juni 2012

Newest Obsession : Warpaint

I am so obsessed with this band I had to post it here. It is kinda weird that they have actually been exist since 04 09, and I just found out about them days ago. I went into obsession right away. Words I can say to describe their music are probably: magical, and hypnotizing. WARPAINT is a band formed in 04, in LA (Though I really thought they're from UK or some sort) that plays Psychedelic Rock music. They somehow sound like Nirvana but a bit more hippie haha. They had two albums and that are: Exquisite Corpse and The Fool. Both are so awesome. They have the most awesome jam sessions on their live shows! I never actually listened to Psychedelic music before until I saw these awesome videos;

Warpaint // Elephants // Exquisite Corpse

Warpaint // Burgundy (Rough Trade Sessions) // Exquisite Corpse

Warpaint // Beetles (Accoustic Session room 501 at Levi's- FADER FORT NYC)

Warpaint // Composure (Rough Trade Sessions) // The Fool

Warpaint // Undertow // The Fool
If you see this you'd probably get what I mean. Anyway, I can't stop listening to their music and looking through their live performances and sessions, even their interviews. I love Jenny Lee and Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman and Stella SOSOSOSOSO MUCH IM STARTING TO TALK CRAP RIGHT NOW.

Ok to show how much I adore them I will just say this: If I were a lesbian, I'd date them.

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