16 Mei 2012

May Fifteen

I spent my last Tuesday on a very good quality alone time. I wasn't exactly alone but with my brother, but we do our own things that day. First stop was Jalan Bandung. For those who don't notice, this is the street where you can find all things vintage (except clothes, sadly) from old records, shoes and bags, to golf equipment and so on. I've always thought the street was very appealing and finally got a chance to do a little visit to the location.

I got these Def Leppard and 80s Rock Music compilations just in the corner of the street both for IDR 15K.  These are some nice spending on a very little money, don't you agree?  My brother came up with the idea to get them since our car  is actually still able to play these babies.

Next stop was another spot recommended by my brother. Apparently it was his 'space', The Wisma 46 Building. It has a little charming park and Starbucks in the back. The place was so nice, but of course so full of Jakarta's working citizens. A piece of Cheese Bagel and A cup of hot Earl Gray later We headed to Senayan City because I really need to get some books.

We all love bookstores, but my fave spot was the large book sections of fashion,life and all things design. Just by looking tho, cause they cost a lot.

A bit of books window shopping and stationary shopping was fine. I got another Agatha Christie's book and I was good. A couple hours of Whiteboard Journal and history reading at a coffee shop then I headed back home.

Just some ideas how to be alone at Jakarta. Cheers!

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