26 Mei 2012


Eatology is a great place for breakfast, lunch or a meal time in the middle of both. Went with my high school friends to try their yummy breakfast and dessert menu. The place is located in Sabang Street, Jakarta. 

The interior is very organic. It's green, it's nice and it's also very open. The smoking room is actually better than the non-smoking I would say. This is how the non-smoking room looks like;

This picture bellow shows the interior design of the non-smoking section. It's a lot warmer with a lot of wood elements and earth shades. 

Judging from how the place looks I did expect organic food on their menu, and the good news is, I did get what I've expected. They serve lots of classic breakfast goodness with organic materials. They can even make us eggs and toast how we like it!

 so, we tried: their breakfast set (contains scrambled eggs, hash brown, and toast with blueberry and organic tomato sauce), their French Toast (with maple syrup and soft sugar sprinkled on top), their Waffle (served with strawberries, whipped cream, and additional vanilla ice cream, their Crepes (served with either banana, srikaya, or others and vanilla ice cream), and pastas! All Fresh.

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