11 Mei 2012


My recent trip to Bali was fun as expected. The place always have a different vibe from anywhere in this country. Sure, Indonesia has a lot of beautiful sea and beaches to offer but none of them actually has such nice cultural vibe, all those sesajen in the streets, nice shopping as well as culinary experience around Legian street and Seminyak, and of course the awesome night life like Bali has.

It was especially fun because it's been a very very long time since I've been there. I went to four beach locations. The first one was double-six beach, which wasn't that memorable. Except the fact that we saw Donny Alamsyah with his FTV crew shooting on the location.
Next stop was Kuta
Kuta isn't as crowded as usual, that's why it's better to go here not in holiday season. It was fine, I guess. The sun was really scorching I didn't enjoy myself that much. So instead, I wen't to Pasar Seni (Art Market) just near the beach that has all cheap clothes, accessories and souvenirs that are very Bali. Next stop we reminded ourselves to check out the beach at 4pm and up so the sun would be a lot less terrifying.

My friend recommended us to check out the Intercontinental Hotel's beach located in Seminyak. The place was very beautiful, and quiet. I love it there. The sand has more little things such as pieces of the coral rocks and shells on it. And it was definitely best for us to not go there in the middle of the day.

This is Seminyak Beach in the afternoon. So peaceful. But a note to you in case you're interested to go there. The beach is located in Intercon Hotel area so supposedly you have to stay at the hotel to enjoy the beach. That's why the beach is a bit cleaner and quiet because it was a private beach. But locals said you can go there through the sides if you're not staying at Intercon.

The other beach in seminyak that I visited is located just in front of my hotel, and that is W hotel. The beach is as beautiful as Intercon's but have a less peaceful vibe in it. But still very pretty, though. For those of you who intended to visit the famous Potato Head Beach club can check out the beach because it is connected to the beach as well. Best for you to play in the afternoon and check out the sunset on Potato Head later that day. 

This is how sunset in seminyak looks like. Not to shabby, I would say!

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