22 April 2012

You Can Eat All

Final Exams are done!
So I finally got a chance to eat out with my former marching band mates, we called ourselves GGL and I should not tell you what it stands for. We went to Chilis, because of our friends' recommendations. Besides, I've noticed the place has been around for quite a long time and I've always wanted to try it.

It is located in Sarinah, apparently it's an American Grill & Bar resto with a western theme that has been around since 1995. The interior is pretty much like all classic american resto but apparently the food is more traditional than the usual American junk food. You can also expect american classic food; like steak, salad and food from the southern part of America in the menu. So, since we absolutely have no idea we practically ordered whatever we can cheap in and eat together.
This is Fajita. Contains pretty much mushrooms, chicken, lotsa onion and paprika. And you it Fajita with tortilla wrapping and salad. It was actually my kind of food. And then we also had a chicken salad with a very good dressing. The portion was GIGANTIC. It was definitely a very fun meal time.

Cheaping in!
So best for you not to eat there alone!!

Photo Credits: Amanda Levina

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