26 April 2012

When I was away in Puncak Area, I stopped at the zoo on the way back home. It was really fun cause its been a really long time since the last time I went to the place. It hasn't changed much from the last time I was there. This is a view of my favorite animals:

 1. Birds at the Baby Zoo! Especially those Indonesian's endemic species. So beautiful

2. Im not sure what this animal was but I think it was a Lama. We were driving on the street and he just sat there. I thought he was a funny animal.
3. The handsome Indian white tiger. Poor thing, he didn't look so comfortable with all those chains and people taking picture of him. I really wished I could do something.
3. The Bambi's 
3. The zebras. Hey there, Mr. Z!
3. Last but not least, The Flamingos. They are honestly so very cute. I don't think any creature in this world can be as pink and adorable.
Of course I have another fave animals on the list, but I didn't took any good picture of em. Another fave was the cutest Red Panda, the Elephants and I also love those cats family. Lions, Cheetah, Panther, and so on. But it was sad tho, knowing the fact that some animals are actually endangered, and some animals displayed in the zoo looked really weary and uncomfortable. Hmm.

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