26 April 2012

Mountain View

Just two days ago two friends and I decided to randomly go to Puncak. We didn't actually have any settled plan or anywhere to stay over the night. But we decided to just go with the flow. And that's the kind of trip us youngsters should have. My friend, Jerome happens to be one of the people who keep saying "SLOW"
Although, slow isn't exactly applied on his driving skill. But gotta admit tho, he is a skillful driver and this guy knows his ways. So we practically drive ourselves over the mountains, and looked for our hotel room. 

The room we stayed in are OK. We had room dining and watched some TV because we were so very tired after the long drive. But very very early in the morning we went to have Jagung Bakar and Ovaltine milk, Had a little chit chat, then back to the Hotel and swam.

The view isn't too shabby I tell ya. Good getaway.

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