13 Januari 2012

Light Books Review

1. The Tales of Beedle The Bard

Who doesn't love J K Rowling's books? This book contains pretty much the fairy tales and stories for the non-muggles. They are a bit dark and that's just my stuff. The illustrations are very pretty and thoughtful.

2. Sleepover

Jacqueline Wilson is one of my favorite childhood writers. Her books are very girly and when I've read a lot of her books ever since i was a kid. This one is my pick amongst all. A simple story about 5 best friends having their own sleepovers. And of course, I'm crazy about the illustrations in this book. Every girls should read this kinda stuff :)

3. Breakfast at Tiffany's

Old Hollywood classic romance with a different kinda ending. If you watched the movie you'd probably want to read the book. My only suggestion is: read the english version instead of the translated one.

4. The Great Ghost Rescue

Another childhood's favorite that I still love until now. A ghost story written in a different perspective. After I finished reading this I don't get scared of ghost anymore. I pity them and I've always imagined them as the friendly friends whose life is destroyed by the humans. Ha ha. I love it.

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