3 Januari 2012

Glitter Me Up

What I've been doing in this holiday season ! I finally have time to eat good stuff, hang with the big family and my lovely girlfriends. And yesterday, I helped a very talented make up artist slash a very good friend of mine, Edlyn Damara. As some of you might noticed that I posted her works before and I was so excited when I got a chance to help her with another project. This time, me and another two good friends Vanessa Raharjo and Natassha Priscilla were made over into fierce young ladies with a lot of glitter in our face!

The cute Vanessa Raharjo!

I am literally blown away by how much this girl has improved. I personally love her works, she did the right shading, the right colors on my eyes, and so on. And of course, it was really fun to watch the girls get glam-ed up. The glitters reminds me of the holiday season.

And oh, these are her weapons:

Result pictures comin up soon! xx

p.s dont forget to see her works and make up tips on http://edlyndamara.blogspot.com or simply just click on her facebook profile.

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