25 Desember 2011

What is Up

So, I decided to make a tumblr! Haha I just had to try it, since everyone been buzzing about it and besides, the whole photo blog concept is kinda appealing. So I am inviting you to my tumblr page. its http://dhearg.tumblr.com. It's under construction but it looks alright I guess, I'm still trying to learn and explore. Although I went a bit overboard by posting 5 posts, and then another 3 posts on my blogspot page.

Anyway, I gotta say thank you to some people. I had my very first operation days ago. It was a nail removal, and it was a big deal for me. I really really hate anything that has to do with operations and that kinda stuff, it scares the hell out of me. It turned out to be the most terrifying and traumatic event that happened to me, because I actually felt the whole process of the nail removal, meskipun dibius tapi entah kenapa kerasa gitu proses pencabutan kuku nya. It was crazy painful. I don't ever want to go through stuff like that ever again, and I really don't wish it to happen to anyone :(

But I am very lucky to have these amazing people with me. So I need to thank them.
Yashinta Novianti
Vanessa Raharjo
Natassha Priscilla
Vanessa Dorothea
and My Mum.
Dan temen - temen lainnya.

What you guys did means a lot for me, really. Terimakasih buat kejar2an ganti perban, nemenin ke dokter, wishing me get well soon, nemenin gue nangis, makein salep, tungguin ganti celana yang super lama, setia bbm in abis operasi sampe gue ketiduran, dan gak ninggalin gue kalo gue jalan kelamaan dan pincang. Good friends stick thru hard times. Thank you thank you thank you. Right now I'm missing a nail but kalo dipikir - pikir Tuhan kasih cukup banyak back up juga buat gue disaat - saat berat kayak gini. :)

By the way, first of all, this is christmas day. So I should say merry christmas to everyone who's reading. I had a great christmas with the family, and already have a bunch of ideas for the new year's eve. hehehehe. Oh ya, I cant sleep and currently watching this on youtube :

i like the song. Frohe Weinachten und Gut Nacht! Xoxo

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