25 Desember 2011


Finally, the holiday season is here! I am so excited because finally I can food-blog again. It's been a while, but I just got a chance to finally feature a small restaurant i visited quite a long time ago. The place is TJIKINI, located in the famous Cikini area next to good hang places such as Bakoel Koffie and so on. I personally love this area simply because there are still a lot of vintage and old buildings. So that day, me and some friends had a Deutsch study group for our final exam. We figured it'll work out better with food around, so we sat there and do things girls usually do on study group session. 20% studying, 40% gossiping and the rest is, well..eating.

Not much things happened inside, the interior is very clean and simple, very Indonesian. And of course, we would expect classic Indonesian goodness on the menu.

We tried their Nasi Goreng, Soto Ayam, and Tiga Serangkai (Tahu, Pisang dan Tempe goreng). They all tasted pretty much the same as others. But their Es Cincau is a bit dissapointing I guess.

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