6 November 2011

Lit and Coffee

Went to see the closing of International Literary Biennale with my girl friends. Our intention was to see the performance of of Gugun Blues Shelter (one of my favorite Indonesian blues band) and there was also Ayu Uthami -- the writer of my two fave lit books; Bilangan Fu and Manjali & Cakrabirawa. But unfortunately we didn't get the tickets so we just sat around, and watched the show from the LCD.

The downstair venue. It was full of good books but only a few people since most of them already have their tix.

Since we got bored we move to the coffee shop next to the building, KOPITIAM and did a little snacking and some sips of coffee. The place has an vintage feel, which is my kind of thing.

The cappuccino and the toast with bacon inside. They taste pretty much like Cappuccino and toast with bacon. But that was actually the first time I try Kopi Indo-China. They serve it with something-I-dont-know-what-its-called thing. And it tasted very good. It was basically coffee and Some sweet, thick, milk on the bottom. I prefer to have it without stirring them first.

Even tho we didn't get a chance to see the band live, but I was pretty pleased for having some time with good companions. Wherever I am, wherever I do, I can always feel OK with good friends around. Amen?

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