6 Oktober 2011


I found these paintings accidentally when I was googling around. Thought this is absolutely inspiring for me, you might want to see them. These pictures I took from an account named Hialoakapua on Flickr. His works took my breath away. There's some sense of an innocent childhood when i see each one of them. The colors are just so magical

I love that some of his pictures are about some mystical creatures, or something out of the ordinary. I found paintings about Triton, the Machu Pichu lost City and some other legends too. I assumed in a lot of his drawings he used the water color and I do think the water color works well for the paintings, they look so dreamy and cute.

So for you all, each time you dream or think about stuff. Picture something funny and witty, you go grab a pencil and start drawing. Might wanna get yourself some watercolors and create some magic!

Have a great week!
source: http://www.flickr.com/people/byross/

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