26 Oktober 2011

Ha Ha

Something I made inspired by the famous Indonesian Poet, Sutardji C Bachri's Poetry entitled Luka.
I was pretty amazed by his works especially this one, and that is something considering this particular poetry only contains four words (Ha.. Ha..). It's just that there is definitely something that I am sure we are all related to, and the fact that behind these simple words there are actually a lot we can say. From my own perspective, I got three meanings: a.) we can just shake off our pain by just simply laugh it out loud. b.) In every painful story/situation there's always something that we can laugh about. or c.) This represents the sarcasm of a painful situation. But yet, this poetry still got me wondering about a lot of things.

He once said, that "Kata adalah Mantera" means "words are incantation".So I bet you agree, it's amazing how little words can make such big impact in the life of a person.

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