22 September 2011


Once I was planning to have lunch with a friend visiting from overseas and I told her to pick me up at Katedral. I figured I wanted to have a seat and a bit of a quite time. I sat outside. When I sat there at first, it was probably only two or three people there but I noticed more people passed by and lit a candle, pray and left. I watched their faces and expressions. Some passionless, some hopeless. And then I have this imagination of God sitting up there listening to this sad hopes.

I thought to myself. God must be tired of all of this hopes. This world has gone into a such uncomfortable place more and more. People tend to wish and wish and wish their whole life. Then I have this idea to do less begging and wishing. And that means I only beg and wish in some special occasion only when the wish itself have to be made, for example in emergency needs like when a lion is about to munch you alive. Besides, I believe that God secretly knows what I wanted. I once heard that God helps people who help themselves so I don't really need to worry that He wouldn't notice my needs. If I want something big enough and if I try hard enough he'll notice.

I have been trying to create a good life for myself. The best way to do that is by being grateful for the smallest and biggest things in life. But sometimes its easier said than done because life is a bit more complicated than just being sad or happy. But one thing I understand is that somewhere, up there, He will always provides what's best for all of us.

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  1. Hey I think we're all headed the same road. We all wish for something more, and don't worry, that's a huggeeee part of life. It doesn't really stop -at least, that's what I hear from the adults around here.

    But that's okay, I think God understands that he created us this way. He created humans as beings that want to advance in life, beings that love searching for a deeper meaning, a deeper understanding, beings that never stop asking questions. These questions, of course as you've encountered them yourself, can become wishes and a beg. But I truly think, he understands.

    And the last paragraph hit me. I totally understand as a human being, we all try to make a good life because it's short. And who knows whether we'd get a second chance or not? Who knows. I respect your decision to be grateful, I think it's a great idea.

    I'm so glad you've opened your eyes to a more universal understanding.
    I miss you!

  2. thanks for the respond. noted. miss you too, love!