3 September 2011


I hate the times when it's 12 am, the whole house is asleep but me. I often feel neglected and shiz. But one night i noticed there are so many junks in my cousins room when I was sleeping over and feeling weird and all because I wasn't able to put myself to sleep.

Good and huge collection of books and phonograph records and movies.
and hundreds of old cassettes. Mostly jazz and all that pop.
You know that night I started to realized how much I missed the time when I was just as big as my daddy's thumb and my mum played them. And how my aunties and grandma would dance to them all year long. You know good stuff like BONNIE M on chrismas time and boybands.
I wish I could live in old school era, the time they wear skinny jeans and cool overalls and sneaks. When Deep Purple is still hot and The Hansons doesn't look that much gay. I'm just saying. The new world isn't that much fun. There are too much stuffs goin on.

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