3 September 2011

Smoking Joe

Okay well, I got a week off for Lebaran Holidays and the week has been so blissfully good. I had a lunch date once with my dear friend, Vanessa. We were planning to have it on Loewy, located just near her apartment in Mega Kuningan called Oakwood. But just as we thought it's closed due to the Lebaran Holidays. And so we walked to The East building thinking that Poste Restaurant is open but turned out it didn't. The only place that did, was Smoking Joe.

It was the first time I ate there. The place was okay. But we sat next to a huge window (my favorite spot) facing the street and the view of the Mega Kuningan glorious building. We had calamari, which was okay. And then a whole wheat sandwich with lots of cheese and mushroom which was good. And then dessert is the part when it got better.

This is probably the best dessert I've ever had. Its basically a cookie they bake in a pan, with vanilla ice cream and vanilla + mocca sauce too. It was very very good.

We spent hours talking about songs on iTunes. Anyway, this is a very good picture I took of Vanessa. I know she's adorable in this pictures but she's rather annoying to meet in person. And she lost her stuff all the time. Hahah :p And yes, she's off the market.

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