27 September 2011

Make Me Up

So last week I got an exciting offer to be a model for my dear friend, Edlyn Damara relating to her passion in make up. She's basically having a project for her blog page, so after a long tiring week of mid-terms and being a bookworm, me and the 4 others agreed to be her project bunny!

I have personally been a fan of her works, I have used her as my make up artist for a party and she did a really good job. What surprises me is how fun playing with glitters and colors can be that you lost count of time. Edlyn once told me that she likes making other young women / women feeling pretty and good about their face and embrace their beauty. And she succeeded in boosting our confident, for sure.

Those are the result of the eyes. The eyes are the part she spent most time of each process. It is reasonable considering a lot people can tell about a women through their eyes.
Talent: Clara D Viriya
Talent : Carolina Theresa
Talent: Alice A Josephine
This is how I look after! surprising, I know! I also got a chance to took some photos of the girls for my portofolio as well.

For those of you who'd like to get all dolled up, search Edlyn Damara on facebook or her twitter @eedlynn . No worries because a passion won't cost you much. xoxo!

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