12 Agustus 2011

Paint and Paper

Good news! My uncle got me a new bed. Haha the story is so epic, on my way home from school my uncle bbm me and said "hey! i got you your birthday present, a new bed!" I thought it was absolutely absurd. I mean, who give people bed for their birthday present. But he wasn't joking because I couldn't find my old bed and saw a nice, big, comfy bed on my room.

Anyhoo, I felt excited and redecored my room right away. Currently inspired by this papers and paintings sticked on the walls that I saw in an art exhibition months ago, simply because I found them very amusing to watch, though I couldn't find the exact amusing part of those paintings section. Thats art I guess, you never understand them and you don't even have to, really.

So I got myself a string and clips and hang my polaroid pictures over my new bed. It was fun. Good things do come in such surprising ways. Who knows that a new bed could bring such joy for being home. I hope you find your joy too. :)

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