24 Agustus 2011

A Good Bye

My dear friend, Gabriella Darmasaputra was leaving overseas for College. It was quite sad, really. Because she has been such a good friend and always willing to accompany me hang around town and we had wonderfull gigs watched together.
She threw a small farewell located at her garage on a nice sunday afternoon and it was nice. We couldn't stop eating and did a lot of gossips. And did I mention we ate on a ping pong table?

Catching up with some seniors back in high school was pretty fun. I had too many dose soda and ginger beer that day, and then my tummy bloated. So lesson learnt. I left around 4 for a free guitar lesson that was held by Iga Massardi. So I can say, it was such a lovely Sunday evening.

I noticed they really use the ping-pong table after I left. Haha, anyway. Good luck there, Gaby. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. We'll be arranging our next gig as soon as you get back. Xoxo!

And...she just messaged me on facebook. ;)

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